Looking for an active business facilitator?

With our extensive business facilitation services, Zeytun trading can help your company guarantee the success of every meeting.

Providing Structure

Managing Details

Providing Expertise

Materials Preparation

What to except from Zeytun Trading as a business facilitator?

Zeytun Trading supports organizations with their market entry and business development activities into multiple geographies. Business facilitation ranges from market entry, marketing, pre-sales, franchising, JV and partner recruitment to firm setup and operations.

A Case for Shared Services for New Market Entrance

There are numerous obstacles on the path to entering a new geographic market. This includes locating good partners who are familiar with the local market, procedural issues, and are hungry for growth. In addition, identifying the target market, contacting the right agents and distributors, promoting products and services, etc., are crucial obstacles to overcome before achieving success.

Why Choose Us

A strong partnership that takes you to great heights

Trusted by clients

With a track record of success and hundreds of satisfied customers, we have built a reputation as one of the most reliable providers in the industry

Friends Not Foes

we are emotionally invested and will push you to achieve your potential, having fun on the way

Always Adding Value

We are always thinking of ways to deliver a return on that Invesment to you, tangibly and intangibly.


Our Core Values


Transparency is an essential element of any successful organization. It helps to build trust between the organization and its stakeholders, and it increases accountability by ensuring that all parties involved are aware of what is going on. it.


Courage is one of the most important traits that a company can have. It is the ability to confront all business troubles. We believe that courage allows us to face clients' fears and obstacles in order to offer the best solutions.


Business commitment is the dedication to achieving a goal or completing a task that is necessary for success in business. It involves taking action and making sacrifices to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved.


What can we help?

Established in 2023 in Tallinn, Estonia, as a well-business-oriented company, we continue to deliver successful services in International trading industries for small and medium-sized businesses.

We are professional in Marketing study, Business facilitator, commercial mediation , Business & Strategy Intelligence and E-Commerce  for small and medium-sized businesses

You can always contact us on +372 532 13 439 or info@zeytun.eu

you can do so by filling out the form that is next to this section or contact us directly on +372 532 13 439

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